Odyssey, the Okta Design System

# Odyssey - the Okta design system

This is the home for Okta's Design System "Odyssey". Here you will find assets to build high quality UIs along with documentation to guide you along the way.

# Contributing

# Grab all the things

These docs are maintained in the docs package, which exists to document @okta/odyssey.

  1. You'll need the odyssey repo.

    [okta]$ git clone git@github.com:okta/odyssey.git
  2. Make sure you are on a supported node version: >=12.13.0.

  3. Change directory to the docs package.

    [okta]$ cd odyssey/packages/docs
  4. Run a yarn install

    [okta/odyssey/packages/docs]$ yarn install

You may need to install yarn if it's not available.

# Serving the Docs

  1. Start up Hexo:

     [okta/odyssey/packages/docs]$ yarn start

    This will generate a fresh set of docs and then start a webserver to view them.

  2. Go to http://localhost:4000/

# Odyssey development

In order to see your changes to the @okta/odyssey package reflected here during development, you'll need to link that package locally.

  1. Change directory to the @okta/odyssey package.

    [okta/odyssey]$ cd packages/odyssey
  2. Create a yarn link.

    [okta/odyssey/packages/odyssey]$ yarn link
  3. Change directory to the docs package.

    [okta/odyssey/packages/odyssey]$ cd ../docs
  4. Tell yarn to utilize the linked package instead of the published one.

    [okta/odyssey/packages/docs]$ yarn link @okta/odyssey

Now any changes you make in your local version of @okta/odyssey should be reflected in your local server.

# Questions?

Stop by #odyssey and say hello (Oktanauts-only for now).