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Odyssey Design System

Field Labels

These captions help make forms more accessible by providing context to the user. They can be used with all Odyssey inputs.

# Anatomy

# Usage

Field labels provide textual affordances and context for Odyssey's various inputs. Our UI Kit provides these labels alongside each component.

Please refer to individual components for complete documentation. These examples are provided for quick illustration.

# Label

Labels caption pieces of UI, typically form fields. They are required for all inputs. When related to sets of Radios or Checkboxes, they may also be referred to as "legends".

Keep labels to a word or two so users can quickly scan the form. Always use sentence casing.

# Field hint

Use field hints to provide context, formatting help, or other guidelines to the user. Do not use the placeholder attribute for these purposes.

Limit hints to a short sentence. If additional context is required, it should be provided outside the Field.

Select speed

# Error messages

Invalid fields should include an inline message to explain the error.

If possible, describe how the error may be resolved.

# Optional fields

Odyssey assumes inputs are required by default. Optional labels should be used to indicate when data is not required for the user to complete a task.