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Odyssey Design System


Status is used to inform users by providing feedback on system states. Status can display broad operational states as well as granular states like user status.

# Anatomy

# Behavior

Status is not an interactive element. It is only intended to inform. If a Status indicates that a user should take action, be sure to provide the appropriate controls.

# Variants

There are four variants of Status available: Neutral, Success, Caution, and Danger.

# Neutral

Neutral Statuses are gray and should be used to indicate states like "Paused", "Not started", or "Queued".

This is the default variant.

Propulsion systems
Engines offline

# Success

Success Statuses are green and should be used to indicate states like "Complete", "Active", or "Service operational".

Propulsion systems

# Caution

Caution Statuses are yellow and should be used to indicate states like "Attention suggested" or "Service degradation".

Propulsion systems
Check engine

# Danger

Danger Statuses are red and should be used to indicate states like "Error", "Failure", or "Service disruption".

Propulsion systems
Warp core disruption

# Usage

Use Status to communicate the state of a discrete item, such as a server or individual process. Both labeled and unlabeled variants are acceptable, but should follow the associated guidelines.

Engine performance

# Within Table

Table supports Status as a content type. Status requires a distinct column and should not be mixed with other content types.

In this case the column heading acts as the Status label.

# Content guidelines

Statuses content should provide a quick overview. Limit Status descriptor and label text to three words or less. Use sentence casing for both.

Warp drive status

# Statuses without labels

Where necessary, labels may be hidden. If a label is not present, ensure the Status copy communicates appropriate context. Even if the label is hidden, it must be populated to ensure context for users of assistive technology.

Warp drive status
Warp drive engaged