Date picker


A date picker allows people to select a single date or time.


A date picker is an input that allows users to select a past, present, or future date using a text field or by choosing the date from a calendar.


  1. Label: Explains what date to enter or select.
  2. Date field: Text field that allows for manual input of a formatted date.
  3. Date format hint: Hint text that gives an example of the date format.
  4. Calendar button: Control that opens and closes the calendar. Also helps to indicate its availability.
  5. Calendar: A popover where the date is selected.
  6. Month and year controls Allows for navigation through time frames.
  7. Week day: Labels that identify days of the week.
  8. Previous and next month controls: Allows forward or backward navigation one month at a time.
  9. Day: Days in the month.


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When to use

Use a date picker in these scenarios:

  • When asking for a date or time
  • For scheduling tasks.

When not to use

Don’t use a date picker in these scenarios:

  • When the date is well-known and can be more quickly typed, such as a birthday. For these cases, use a text field - date field variant.




Date pickers can be displayed as disabled.


Date pickers can be displayed as read-only. For example, in a larger UI that is locked by default but can be made editable with an action such as an edit button.


An error state occurs when a user enters or selects a date that is outside of the date limits.  For example, a campaign date in the future or too far in the past.

Wherever possible, selections outside the scope of an interaction should be unavailable to prevent errors.

Date picker calendar interactions

  • When the month and year controls are collapsed, the chevron pointing down icon is used. When the controls are expanded, the chevron pointing up icon is used.
  • When the year control is expanded, a menu list appears to select the year.
  • After a date is selected in the calendar, the calendar closes.
  • The calendar can also be closed by interacting outside of the popover.
  • Until a date is selected or a user clicks outside of the popover, the picker will retain focus.
  • Mobile full-screen pickers have an additional close affordance (X) icon button.



Date pickers are formatted to align to the style used by the locale (country and language) of the experience.  Month/year or month/day/year will be rearranged in sequence of appearance.


Content guidelines


  • A label is required.
  • Explain what the date selection refers to or is used for. For example, Start date.
  • Be clear and descriptive.
  • Don’t use a question as a label.
  • Don’t use an instruction as a label. For example, Select a date.

Date format hint

  • A date format hint is required for the simple date field. Don’t use a hint with a calendar date picker because the date format is automated by the calendar menu.
  • Keep hint text as short as possible.
  • The date format in the hint must also be translated. For example, some countries use month/day/year while others use day/month/year.

Default error messages

Calendar date picker

Select a date.

Simple date picker

Enter a date.

Content accessibility

Label attributes should be included for users who use screen readers to understand what the date picker relates to.


Figma: Date picker