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Odyssey Design System

Odyssey Design System

Build and design consistent, efficient, and accessible UIs for all Okta users.

  • Base

    Base is the foundation of Odyssey, consisting of Color, Design Tokens, HTML Elements, Iconography and Typography

  • Components

    Components are commonly found, pre-assembled UI Objects built from Odyssey's Base and organized by form and function.

  • Icons

    A system of icons which establishes a visual language that can be easily understood regardless of age, language or culture.


Odyssey is Okta’s official design system built for use across all Okta products and sites. We aim to enable designers and developers to build efficiently and consistently while optimizing for user experience and accessibility.

  • GitHub

    View up to date code and releases, file issues and propose changes.

  • Figma kit

    Odyssey is designed in Figma. Here, you can leverage the latest UIs in your design projects.

  • Principles

    Okta's design principles are Odyssey's north star. They guide us in making critical decisions as a team.

  • Roadmap

    Follow along with Odyssey development, planning and our long term roadmap on ZenHub.

  • Need help?

    The Odyssey team is always available to help solve problems and improve the system.