The design system empowers Workforce teams to build quality product experiences at speed and scale.

Design system principles

Our design system principles are aspirational filters for the design system that help achieve excellence.

Empower builders

We strive to create and maintain a design system that provides one source of design and code. By providing a cohesive set of tools — libraries and documentation — to quickly and easily create on-brand, accessible, stable, and usable components and patterns, we empower EPD to build experiences that improve the Okta Workforce Identity Cloud.

Ensure stability — enable flexibility

We focus on building solutions for common Workforce experience needs. Our designs and code prioritize stability and consistency to ensure all EPD teams can use our work as the foundation for innovative design solutions across a variety of applications. Our frameworks include flexibility to allow global customers to use our products to suit their unique needs with the right experience at the right time.

Elevate quality

We are committed to delivering complete, error-free documentation and well-designed components and patterns that work as promised. Our definition of quality includes creating foundational themed color palettes, illustration styles, data visualizations, and more to make the UI easy to use and beautiful. Setting this high-quality baseline will create a great experience for our EPD builders and for our customers.

Build trust

We release consistent, quality deliverables according to our roadmap and share the purpose, context, and reasoning behind decisions with transparency and integrity to help EPD anticipate, understand, and apply our solutions across experiences. Our reliability and clarity drives EPD adoption, develops confidence in our design system, and paves the way for deeper engagement and contribution. Our components and patterns serve as the building blocks of consistent product experiences that create familiarity and build trust with our customers.

Have questions or need support?

Oktanauts can use the following resources:

  • Learn more about the Design System team on the Confluence Design System team page.
  • Check the Odyssey 1.0 FAQs.
  • Join #odyssey in Slack to ask questions and stay up to date about the design system.
  • Attend Odyssey Office Hours on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1-1:30 p.m. PT / 4-4:30 p.m. ET.
  • Submit bug reports and feature requests to the Odyssey Jira board
  • Request a new component using the Odyssey component proposal.