Welcome to Odyssey

Odyssey is the design system for Okta Workforce Identity Cloud products. It empowers teams to build quality product experiences at speed and scale using a universal set of components and tools.

Odyssey is for everyone

Odyssey allows designers, engineers, and product managers to build efficiently and consistently while optimizing for user experience and accessibility.

Using Odyssey

  • Find guidelines and best practices to build high-quality Okta interfaces on this site. These guidelines are publicly available to help teams outside of Okta, including Okta customers. All other resources are available only to Oktanauts.
  • Design with Odyssey components in Figma using the Odyssey Design Kit.
  • Build with Odyssey components as front-end code using the React Package.
  • Share your work across Workforce by contributing to Odyssey Labs.

Building with Odyssey

  • Increases velocity by providing components, ensuring that designers and engineers don't have to keep reinventing common UI elements.
  • Ensures best practices because accessibility, globalization, and design foundations are included by default.
  • Increases customer satisfaction because consistent components and patterns mean customers don't have to learn different interactions for each Okta product and feature.

Have questions or need support?

Oktanauts can use the following resources when building with Odyssey:

  • Check the Odyssey 1.0 FAQs.
  • Join #odyssey in Slack to ask questions and stay up to date about the design system.
  • Attend Odyssey Office Hours on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1-1:30 p.m. PT / 4-4:30 p.m. ET.
  • Submit feature requests to the Odyssey Jira board
  • Request a new component using the Odyssey component proposal.